Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission Is Educating Your Child: Mind, Body and Spirit

St. Charles Borromeo School is a family-oriented PK-8 Catholic school that prides itself on the development of the whole child-mind, body and soul; while exceeding academic standards, cultivating discipleship, and remaining rooted in Catholic teachings and traditions.



While our Catholic faith is clearly part of our identity, families of all faiths are welcome to join our growing SCB family.

The student admission requirements are listed below.

    1. Birth and baptismal (if Catholic) certificates are required.
    2. A physical examination (including required immunizations) is required by state law prior to entrance into preschool, kindergarten or first grade (if did not attend Kindergarten) and sixth grade.
    3. An eye exam is required by state law prior to entrance into Kindergarten. This exam must have taken place within one year prior to the start of school and performed by a licensed optometrist or physician (such as an ophthalmologist) that performs eye exams.
    4. A dental examination is required for all students entering kindergarten, second grade, and sixth grade and new students, with proof of exam provided to the school by May 15th of that school year.
    5. Kindergarten children must have reached the age of five on or before September 1st of the academic year in which they enroll unless special circumstances are determined by the principal.
    6. Children will be accepted for first grade if they have reached the age of six on or before September 1st of the academic year in which they enroll, unless special circumstances are determined by the principal.
    7. Admission of transfer students is contingent upon receipt of all records: academic, psychological, health, etc., from the student’s previous school.  Students will not be considered admitted until these documents have been received and reviewed.  The below mentioned probationary period will commence.
    8. Testing of transfer students in grades 1-8 may be required at the school’s discretion.
    9. Transfer students who have been home-schooled will be placed in the appropriate grade based on a review of records and in consultation with parents, teachers, principal and/or pastor.
    10. All new students at SCB including Kindergarten students will have a nine-week probationary period.  During that time, students will be evaluated with regard to their social and academic adjustment.  After this time, the teacher(s), in consultation with the principal, will determine one of the following: whether the student has passed the probationary period and should continue at SCB, whether the probation should be extended, or whether the student should transfer to another school. Parents will be informed of this decision within one week following the probationary period.


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New Family Application

To register, Please print and fill out the form below and return Debra Wingren via email or in person at the school office. 

2023-2024 Registration Form

Please contact the school office for more information.
PHONE: 847.683.3450


All employees and volunteers of the Diocese of Rockford are required to complete Safe Environment requirements pertaining to their specific role. This is completed online in a Virtus Online account. You will create a new account with a password (obtained by your parish/school/entity site administrator) or log into your existing account. Please use the link to complete all required documents before volunteering in ministry. Thank you.


Tuition 2023-2024:  $100 registration fee is due for each student when registering. 

K-8 Classes

(Catholic  &Participating )

 **$400 fee per student, to be combined with tuition**

One Student $4,275.00
Two Students $7,985.00
Three Students  $11,075
Four Students  $13,600.00

K-8 Classes

(Non-Catholic  & Non-Participating)

**$400 fee per student, to be combined with tuition**

One Student $4,790.00
Two Students $9,120.00
Three Students  $12,828
Four Students  $15,970.00

Pre-K Classes

**$75  fee per student, to be combined with tuition**

One Student PreK-3 (M,W,F) $2,800.00
One Student PreK-4 (M-F, AM ONLY) $3,195.00
One Student PreK-4 (M-F ALL DAY) $4,995.00

Educating your whole child: Mind, Body & Spirit

Tuition Assistance

Whenever possible, St. Charles Borromeo provides financial assistance to make our school an affordable option for all families. In doing so, we rely on a third-party tuition management system to evaluate all requests for tuition assistance. This ensures an objective evaluation of each request and maintains confidentiality.

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship

The Illinois “Invest in Kids Act” provides scholarship opportunities to nonpublic schools for qualifying families with students in grades K-12. The scholarships offered through this program are needs-based and could cover up to 100 percent of tuition and eligible fees and are needs-based. See the Empower Illinois website to determine if your family qualifies.

Please note that all St. Charles Borromeo (SCB) families interested in tuition assistance, must first determine if their family is eligible for a Tax Credit Scholarship before applying for tuition assistance. 

In many instances, families will be awarded more assistance through the Tax Credit Scholarship program than through SCB’s tuition assistance.

Applications for 2020-2021 tax credit scholarships will open on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Prior scholarship recipients or those who have been on a waitlist must reapply annually. The application is a two-step process explained here by Empower Illinois.

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Donor Information

Illinois’ “Invest in Kids Act” provides an incentive for individual and corporate donors to support nonpublic school scholarships for qualifying families. Provisions of the law include:

    • Donors receive a credit (not deduction) on their Illinois Income Tax Return equal to 75% of the money contributed to the scholarships.
    • Individual donors may direct their donations to a particular school. Corporations cannot designate their donations.
    • The funds for this program cannot exceed $100 million in donations ($75 million in Illinois income tax credits) and is scheduled to be effective for 5 years.

Contributions to this fund benefit ALL of us. The donors benefit with a 75% tax credit, the eligible families benefit by being able to attend SCB, and our entire community benefits as we continue to grow enrollment and at the same time reduce the amount of financial assistance we would otherwise provide to eligible families.

For more information about how to donate, please contact Debra Wingren at 847.683.3450 or


Guardian Angel Scholarship:

You Are Invited to Be a Guardian Angel.

We have students in our parish who are financially unable to attend our school. We created the Guardian Angel Sponsorship program so that parishioners of St. Charles Borromeo can give the gift of a Catholic education to children in need.

Please consider sponsoring a child at one of the following three levels:

    • The Full Cost Sponsorship is $7,834.00
    • The School Year Tuition Sponsorship is $3,750.00
    • The Fees Only Sponsorship is $1,000.00

Payment options of 9, 10, or a 12-month payment plan are available.

By becoming a Guardian Angel you’ll help a child in need to receive an education of the highest caliber and ensure the formation of the future leaders of our parish and community.

Please call or email the school to become A Guardian Angel and help make a difference for a deserving child.
PHONE: 847.683.3450

SCHOOL ADDRESS  |  288 E Jefferson St., Hampshire, IL 60140

SCHOOL OFFICE  |  847.683.3450

SCHOOL FAX  |  847.683.3209



PARISH ADDRESS  |  297 E Jefferson St., Hampshire, IL 60140

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