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Art Program:

    • The Art Curriculum at St. Charles Borromeo School provides all students with tools and information to develop problem solving skills and new ways to understand and communicate.  While developing hand-eye coordination, art connects with literacy and other subject areas.
    • Students in early childhood classrooms learn to use imagination, acquire skills to create, and use and manipulate tools. They start to identify how images help to communicate and contribute to the world around them.
    • Elementary and middle school students develop knowledge and skills to construct, design, and problem solve with more advanced tools, technology, media, and design. Students explore some of the greatest artists of the world as well as their work which serves to provide a fundamental background of art history.  Cross-curricular connections as well as cultural and time arts enhance student ability to understand connections with other disciplines.
    • Art is a form of expression where the imagination and uniqueness of each student can be expressed.  This class will be offered to our Pre-K to 8th grade.


Drama Program:

Students will learn the history of theater, theater terms, and script reading. Students will do a variety of activities regarding viewpoint and audition tips to be successful in theater. Students will read scripts, break into groups to perform small scenes and learn dry reading techniques. Individual and group projects and performances. This class will be offered to our Pre-K to 4th grade. 


Dance Program:

Dance-elements are taught and practiced from classic basics through contemporary movement. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of dances including basic ballet, three step turn, grapevine, ball change, jazz square and box steps. In addition, students will learn the history of dance, key concepts and ideas and individuals who have made the greatest impact to dance. This class will be offered to our Pre-K to 4th grade.



    • The mission of the Music Program at St. Charles Borromeo School is to provide students with the opportunity to expand and enhance their musical experiences as well as develop their creativity and abstract thinking. The role that music will play in students’ lives depends in large measure on the level of skills they achieve. In their class’s children create, perform, and participate in music-making, know, and use musical materials and resources, and appreciate, respond to, and analyze music they hear.
    • Music is a gate that allows every person to convey emotions, communicate with others, develop self-confidence, and view the world from a new perspective. It allows for the students to understand their own historical and cultural heritage and those of others within their communities and beyond. Our music program uses an interdisciplinary approach.

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